Surviving events in a Covid-19 climate

While questions on capacity, permitting, preferred vendors, and more will always be crucial when booking a venue, the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced some new concerns that need to be top-of-mind. Here’s what every planner should care about before signing that venue contract.


To protect your guests and employees make sure the following

Protocols are initiated when you arrive:

  • A face mask or shield is required
  • Completing a Guest Screening questionnaire
  • Having your temperature taken (if your temperature exceeds 37.5˚C you will not be allowed entry)
  • A hand sanitizing station


  • Education – All employees should be educated on the best practices and have temperatures recorded DAILY upon entry
  • Awareness – Educational signage to be displayed for both employees and guests
  • PPE –  All employees are required to wear certified personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times
  • Social Distancing to be maintained in demarcated areas and physical barriers where required
  • Hygiene –  All areas and touch points should be thoroughly and regularly cleaned and sanitized
  • Ensure a Health & Safety Officer is on-site at all conference times.


To ensure you are protected please ensure the following conference protocols are implemented:

  • Public areas (i.e. foyers) will be demarcated to maintain social distancing and queue management
  • Complimentary items (i.e. water, mints etc) will be provided individually and all glasses to be protected by sanitary cap lids
  • Individual sanitizers will be provided to each delegate.
  • Pens and notepads will be provided on request and must be taken with.
  • Coffee / Tea Breaks will have individually wrapped food items and stations will be manned by a conferencing employee to minimise touching of coffee machines and other items.
  • Plated meals will be served during lunch breaks or dinner banquets
  • No buffets.
  • Dining tables will seat 4 – 6 persons to ensure social distancing is maintained.
  • Cutlery and disposable napkins will be provided in individual sleeves.